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As a result of the #TimesUp campaign, HBO for the first time has made women and men in lead role positions [equally paid]. I'm one of the actresses that benefited... When I first discovered how much they were offering it made me realise, ‘Oh my God, men have been paid so much more.' I had to have a big swallow of resentment. I gave it half an hour and then felt grateful. Every year I go into a new production or a new season of Westworld and I don't think to ask for more, I just feel so grateful to be working. But we need to expect more for ourselves.
Thandie Newton, Thandie Newton had 'swallow of resentment' over male co-stars' pay, 19 June 2018

[The next three ‘Star Wars' films] were going to get into a microbiotic world. There's this world of creatures that operate differently than we do. I call them the Whills. And the Whills are the ones who actually control the universe. They feed off the Force.
... Back in the day, I used to say ultimately what this means is we were just cars, vehicles, for the Whills to travel around in... We're vessels for them. And the conduit is the midi-chlorians. The midi-chlorians are the ones that communicate with the Whills. The Whills, in a general sense, they are the Force.
George Lucas, ‘Star Wars': George Lucas Would Have Set Third Trilogy in ‘Microbiotic World' Linked to Midi-Chlorians, 13 June 2018

I needed a green card to work with Abel Ferrara [on his film The Blackout ] . I'd been convicted recently of possessing heroin and cocaine, and so this consul says: ‘You're not the kind of person we want in America.' He spoke to me disrespectfully. I said to him: ‘You don't speak to your wife like that, so don't speak to me like that.' And I slapped him. I was banned for seven years.
Béatrice Dalle, Betty Blue's Béatrice Dalle: ‘I love Christ because he invented bondage', 6 June 2018

I write what I write because I'm a Christian. It informs everything I do. My father always taught me it's OK to laugh at the things you love. Part of "Preacher" is about interrogating faith. You can't do that stuff lightly. For a time the other writers would look at me across the table to see if I was gonna be offended but I never am. I'm happy to write about faith and God and get angry and deep. Let's pull it all apart and see what's lasting.
Mary Laws, Preacher writer Mary Laws: 'I'm happy to get angry and deep about faith and God', 5 June 2018

Steven Soderbergh, a visual director? Are you kidding? Give me an example of a great, visually memorable scene [from] Soderbergh or a silent sequence based on the staging…I saw an episode of ‘The Knick' and there is nothing that [impressed me visually].
Brian De Palma, Brian De Palma Disses Steven Soderbergh's Directing Style: ‘A Visual Director? Are You Kidding?', 5 June 2018

Right around the time ‘Fruitvale Station' went down, I told my agents I didn't want to go out for any roles written for African Americans. I didn't want it. I wanted only white men. That's it. That's all I want to do. Me playing that role is going to make it what it is. I don't want any pre-bias on the character…Writers write what they know, what they think encounters with us would be, and that's slight bias... I wanted to go out for these roles because it was just playing people.
Michael B. Jordan, Michael B. Jordan Told His Agents During ‘Fruitvale Station' He'd Only Audition for Roles Written for White Men, 5 June 2018

My father was very difficult. We were not close. It's hard. I don't really talk about my father publicly, because there are a lot of people that really love him very, very much – his work as an actor. I don't want to disabuse them [of] their admiration.
... [My sister] was a drug addict. I saw a lot of that behaviour growing up and decided at a very young age I didn't want that. But a part of me obviously wanted to understand and know what it was like, but from a very safe distance. A lot of my pull towards acting was trying to understand my sister – and my father, for that matter.
Jennifer Jason Leigh, ‘I have countless stories': Jennifer Jason Leigh on lucky breaks, lotharios and late motherhood, 4 June 2018

I remember when someone asked Ian McKellen what he thought about the Brexit vote he said, “Queer people are internationalists.” We aren't about borders. We go to other countries and we feel a kinship with other queer people. It does force a universalist, international view of things, and the aliens in ["How to Talk to Girls at Parties" ] are really the opposite of queer. They're so insular that they're not even going to trouble the universe for resources. They're going to eat their own children until they decline. It's their natural form of attrition.
John Cameron Mitchell, John Cameron Mitchell on his new movie and the privilege of being queer, 3 June 2018

Film is a visual medium, and, if the task of literature is to stud the brain with quotations, cinema's job is to cram it with images which transcend story line and feed the need for myth. There are very few films which have done this. We are told by the French post-structuralists that the writer doesn't write: the writer is written, is controlled by the language he uses. And so Fritz Lang [in "Metropolis" ] was controlled by the limitations of black and white, by mocked-up urban landscapes which never pretended to be real, and probably by the strange ambiguous beauty of Brigitte Helm. The film was never meant to be propaganda. Lang admits that he was primarily fascinated by machines, above all perhaps by the huge machine which is the film-making complex.
Anthony Burgess, Anthony Burgess: ‘Metropolis changed my childhood', 3 June 2018

Amid the horror of war, [ in Saving Private Ryan (1998) ] Spielberg seems to be trying to rediscover American innocence, that Holy Grail that existed only in the Rousseau-esque imagination yet was virtually incorporated into the constitution. Spielberg, like other Hollywood directors of the time, came from a generation scarred by the moral quagmire of Vietnam. He understood the national need, in the post-cold war chaos, to reach back to more certain times, seeking reassurance from that moment in history – the second world war – when the fight seemed unequivocally right. “Tell me I've led a good life,” says the weeping veteran in the cemetery to his wife. “Tell me I'm a good man.”
... “You are,” she replies, and the music begins to swell, with drum beats and trumpets. This representative of American motherhood appears to be reassuring the US as a whole. She seems to be speaking to a nation unable at that time to come to terms with its role in a disordered world, to a nation that, for all its power, can be bewilderingly naive abroad because it so badly needs to feel good about itself at home.
... Andrew Marr rightly called The Patriot (2000), set in the American war of independence, “a stinker”. As he pointed out: “Black Americans, in fact destined to stay slaves thanks to the war, very many of whom enlisted with the British, are shown fighting shoulder to shoulder with their white rebel ‘brothers'. The British are portrayed as effete sadists and serial war criminals, just as in other American films. The huge support of the Bourbon French, who helped win the war, is airbrushed out. And the fact that most colonists actually sided with King George is airily forgotten.”
Antony Beevor, Antony Beevor: the greatest war movie ever – and the ones I can't bear, 29 May 2018

When John Dexter, the director of M Butterfly, started shouting at everyone in the cast, Hopkins told him to stop. “I said, ‘John, you don't need to do this. You're a great director. Stop it.' And he cried. I mean, I understand if people are bullies. They've got their problems. I can't judge them, I won't make fun of them at awards. It's correct for women to stand up for themselves, because it's unacceptable. But I don't have a desire to dance on anyone's grave.”
... He understands that we can all be terrible, and we can all be kind. Fame and power have nothing to do with it. I tell Hopkins something the singer Tony Bennett once said – “Life teaches you how to live it if you live long enough” – and he is delighted. “How extraordinary. What an amazing thing to say! You know, I meet young people, and they want to act and they want to be famous, and I tell them, when you get to the top of the tree, there's nothing up there. Most of this is nonsense, most of this is a lie. Accept life as it is. Just be grateful to be alive.”
Miranda Sawyer, Anthony Hopkins: ‘Most of this is nonsense, most of this is a lie', 26 May 2018


In the new introduction [of the book, “Transcental Style in Film” ], [Paul] Schrader diagrams the larger movement by showing how well-known filmmakers move in three different directions as they push away from narrative. There are the “Surveillance Cam” filmmakers (Abbas Kiarostami), who emphasize capturing day-to-day reality. There is “Art Gallery,” cinema which is a move toward pure imagery: light and color, which can manifest itself in films that are abstract, or dream-like (Lynch). And the third direction is what Schrader refers to as Mandala, or “meditation” cinema, films that work on the viewer almost like a trance (Ozu).
... "I laid out this cosmogony of where all these directors were after breaking free from the nucleus of narrative and they're electrons shooting off in these three directions,” said Schrader. “I also drew what I called the [Andrei] ‘Tarkovsky Ring.' What happens when an artist goes through the ‘Tarkovsky Ring,' that's the point where he is no longer making cinema for a paying audience. He's making it for institutions, for museums, and so forth.
Chris O'Falt, From Lynch to Kiarostami to Ozu: See Where Your Favorite Directors Fall on Paul Schrader's Chart of Non-Narrative Cinema, 24 May 2016

I just wanted to make, you know, a good song. Something people could play on Fourth of July.
Donald Glover, Donald Glover's Answer to Why He Made ‘This Is America' Is Perfect: ‘A Song for People to Play on Fourth of July', 9 May 2018

The broken love story in ‘A Star Is Born' kept haunting me. Shots kept coming into my head. I would dream about it. I realized I had to do it, whether it fails or not. I knew I had to try and I wound up absolutely loving it. You can't hide when you sing. The best way to express love is through singing and music. I knew if I could marry that in a way, it would be special.
... Gaga is a revelation. I relied on her. She said right from the beginning that this is going to be a barter: ‘I'm gonna rely on you to get a performance out of me, and I'm gonna make sure you're going to be a real musician.'
Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro Praises Bradley Cooper's ‘A Star Is Born,' but the First-Time Director Owes His Success to Lady Gaga, 21 April 2018



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